Tailored software solutions

Predictable Measurable Agile


Harmonity is a boutique software company with vast expertise in many industries. We can built variety of software ranging from web portals, process automation, payment system integration,
Whether you need an entire application built or you need extra hand to boost your development team, we can help.

Our team of experienced engineers and product design people can build apps from start to finish. We are here to listen, code and offer custom-designed solution.
Got a project in trouble, we can rescue that one too.


Gathering requirements prior development phase is the key to achieve cost reduction and fast delivery.
We will listen your idea and help you validate it then we will create a roadmap for your project.


Software architecture

We believe in software that provides value to the customers.

Our experienced team can will create the best suited architecture for your software system. Whether that would be Layered, Event-Driven or Microservice architecture we offer you the one that will head start to your project.

Infrastructure architecture is a just as important as the software one. Our DevOps team will create cost efficient system that meets your needs.



This phase starts once requirements and acceptance criteria are set. Our engineers will get busy coding your project with industry standards achieving the performance goals set in Planning phase.


On time delivery

We embrace Agile. We use the best practices in Agile methodologies to build software in predicable way. Having that flexibility allows to manage large projects by accurately measuring every step on the roadmap of the project.



Every project reach a phase when it requires maintenance. Each project we complete comes with full set of automation tests, setting a golden standard for it, and monitoring capabilities.

add something about SLA add something about Rescue Have a project in trouble? We can help to improve the health of your projects by reducing the technical debt, develop automated tests, set performance goals and add monitoring capabilities.